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Pomegranate is an extract from the rind of the fruit from Punica granatum (a fruit bearing deciduous tree).   


Pomegranate is a dyestuff high in tannin and improves light and wash-fastness of any dye in which it is mixed.  In India and South East Asia, pomegranate is added as both a dye and also used in the mordanting process.


This colour is produced by steeping in hot water until the pigment immerses, and then it is dried into powder form.


Free of any chemicals or processing aids for extraction.


It has high fastness and wash fastness.


Pomegranate produces a green to yellow colours which shifts to olive and dark grey with iron sulphate.


Due to its concentration,  the dye extract can be used at a level of 5% which is much lower than other forms of dye powder.


Supplied in a pack of 25g

Pomegranate Extract - 25g Pack

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