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The AVL Professional Dobby Rug Loom is the ultimate heavy-duty loom that boasts up to 16 harnesses and expansive weaving width of 4ft-20 ft (1.2m-6m). The versatility and strength of this loom makes it the go-to machine for professional rug weavers around the globe. 


Standard Features:

  • Air-Powered Warp Tension
  • Air-Powered shed opening 
  • Dobby System (mechanical or Compu-Dobby) , 8,12,16 shafts
  • Sliding Beater
  • Metal Heddles
  • Choice of one or two 1-yard Section or Standard Beam
  • Wood and Steel construction (All-steel over 12ft looms)
  • Stainless Steel Reed
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual
  • Tool Holder
  • AVL two-year warranty.
  • 1-Year Subscription to 


Additional Features:

  • Air-Powered Flyshuttle (1, 2, or 4-box options)
  • Automatic Cloth Advance
  • Automatic Warp Letoff 


Made in Chico, California,  USA

AVL Professional Dobby Rug Loom - 8 Harness

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