This is a very concentrated madder extract from Rubia tinctoria.  This extract will produce deep purples, to reds in the presence of mordants for dyeing yarns, fabrics.   The advantages of using extracts is the following:


  •  Use extracts for painting, stamping and screen printing on fabric. 
  •  Use Extracts as they save time as they do not require lengthy pre-soaking and simmering. 
  • For a dye bath mix to a paste with warm water, fill your dye bath with water and add the paste.  Mix 1/2 tsp calcium carbonate with some boiling water in a container and add to the madder.  Simmer pre-mordanted fibre (do not boil) for 60 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Leave to cool overnight.  
  • 20g should dye up to 500g of fibre to a brick-red colour.

For soaps, the extract is dissolvable and produces an initial purple colour in the presnce of a small quantity of dye Xtract powder.


This is supplied in 25g quantities in an aluminium tin.

Rubia tinctoria - concentrated madder extract - 25g tin


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