Symplocos is derived from the dried leaves of the plant Symplocos cochinchinensis originating from Indonesia.  The Symplocos naturally accumulates aluminium from the soil, and therefore the fallen leaves become a very rich source of Alum.  The use of this natural plant derived mordant not only helps protect the endangered forests of Indonesia but also offers an alternative to using chemical mordants. Symplocos is a particularly good mordant for protein-based fibres and material such as wool and silk.  It can also be used with cellulose based fibres such as cotton, but a tannin (use gallnut (10% WOF or myrobalan 20% WOF) pre-mordant bath is necessary before using symplocos.   For tannin rich dyes such as cutch and pomegranate you can use less Symplocos (20% WOF), however with other dyes such as madder, it is advised to mordant with 50% Weight of Fibre (WOF).  


Instructions on the use of Symplocos will be provided.


This pack contains 50g Symplocos in a resealable pouch

Symplocos Natural Botanical Mordant Powder (Natural ALUM mordant)