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Synthrawash (also known as Synthrapol or Metapex) is an industrial strength liquid detergent used as a pre-wash for fibres and fabrics prior to dyeing processes.  It is pH neutral so perfect for all fibres and fabrics. 


Perfect for washing raw fibre and fleeces prior to picking and carding.


It is also used as a wetting agent and has the unique property of bindng and keeping loose dye particles suspended during washing, reducing the potential for back staining of any dye particles while removing excess unbound colour.


For prewashing:


Prewashing fabric with Synthrawash removes oils, waxes, starches and sizing to help ensure an even dye dispersion and reduces the risk of patchy colour.   

Directions for Use (pre-wash/scour): Add 1 tablespoons Synthrawash per 1 kg washing load.

For cotton and other cellulose fibres, add 2 tablespoons/30 g soda ash into the pre-wash dye bath. Wash for at least 10 minutes using hot water and then rinse thoroughly.


For Washing after Dyeing: 


Synthrawash helps keep loose dye in suspension and is used to remove excess colour and prevent back staining.

Directions for Use (washing): After dyeing or painting, rinse fabric in cold water and then wash for at least 10 minutes using 1 tablespoons Synthrawash per 1 kg fabric.

Use hot water for cotton, cool to warm water for silk and wool, and then rinse thoroughly in cold water.


Supplied in a 250ml HDPE bottle with lid.

Synthrawash - 250ml

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