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Texsolv Heddles

Available in different lengths depending on the loom.  All Heddles are supplied in bundles of x 100.

Please select the correct size depending on the loom you have as follows (Please note all heddles are white - the colour here just designates the tie for sizing).:


  • 150mm (Red) – Louët Erica, Willow Tree, Toika Tiny-Liisa, DutchMaster 2510 Table.
  • 205mm (Black) – Louët Jane, Louet Klik, Glimåkra Victoria, Louët Magic Dobby, Louet Kombo, AVL Workshop Dobby Loom, Inga Askling, Lill Stina table
  • 220mm (Green) – Ashford Table Loom, Ashford Katie, Louët Band Loom, Toika Leena
  • 237mm (Brown) – Schacht Pup, Schacht Baby wolf, Schacht Mighty Wolf, Schacht Standard, Schacht Floor Loom, LeClerc Diana, LeClerc Dorothy, Voyageur Folding loom, Gilmore, J-Made, Golding, Allen, Dundas, Montana
  • 268mm (Pink) - Ashford, Bexell, Cascade, LeClerc (Artisat, Compact Folding, Fanny II, Mira II, Nilus), Leesburg, Harrisville Designs, Woolhouse (16-20 shafts)
  • 280mm (White) – Louët  David, Toika Eeva, Toika Laila, Toika Liisa, Toika Joana, Toika Norjoana, Glimåkra Standard Counter Balance, Glimåkra Standard Counter March
  • 318mm (Blue) – Ashford, J-Made, LeClerc colonial, LeClerc Kebec & Kebec II, LeClerc Nilart & Nilart II. LeClerc Nilus II, Weavebird Looms, Norwood, Woolhouse.
  • 330mm (Green) – Louët Delta, Louët Octado, , Toika Computer Dobby Looms, AVL Studio Dobby Loom,  AVL Home Loom, Glimakra Cb & CM Extra Shed, Schacht (Cranbrook countermarch).
  • 340mm (Yellow)
  • 370mm (Red) Ashford
  • 390mm (Brown) – Louët  Megado, Louët  Spring and AVL A Series
  • 440mm (White) -


We can source Texsolv heddles for other looms, so please contact us if you need any other heddles for a different make and model.

Texsolv Heddles for Weaving Looms

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