Treat your friends and family to one of our gift cards.  


On purchase, we will send an electronic card along with a redemption code that can be redeemed to the value on the card.  Please note that on redeeming the card,  the full amount needs to be spent on a single transaction as there is no facility for part purchases or refunds of unused amounts not redeemed.  This information will be provided on the card for the recipient.  The gift card can be used for all products listed on our website subject to availability.


Please provide an email address on purchase for receipt of the gift card.


If you want to add a greeting please fill out the options box when selecting the gift card amounts.


No refunds are permissable after purchase.

Wonky Weaver Gift Card

  • Please note no refunds are permissable with the purchase of gift cards.

    The full amount on the gift card needs to be redeemed in one single online or point of sale transaction.  We cannot provide partial refunds,  change or redeem the gift card over separate purchases.