These specially designed textile/fabric covers are perfect for the protection and storage of delicate, antique blankets,  quilts or other textiles particularly if they are made from wool or sensitive to light - offering maximum protection against Moth' infestastions and Sunlight. 


The TxProtec™ textile protection covers are made from a lightweight, breathable & waterproof material with considerable strength.  It acts as a protectant fully securing textiles/fabrics from both moth infestation and damage from sunlight.  The material also has the added benefits of being inert and pH neutral, and does not include any binders, fillers or plasticisers, resulting in no chemical or other interactions between the stored fabric and its precious contents.  The non-woven material finish is very smooth (like paper) and soft (like fabric), so won’t cause damage the contents through abrasion. Being non-woven, it won’t snag and tear, or leave lint - a distinct advantage over fabric, paper or film.  


Stitching colour can be custom-made in red, blue, green, orange, yellow and a multitude of colours to help you identify the stored contents.  Contact us for further information on your desired colour.


The standard measurements are 100cm x 75cm but can be custom-made on request.

TxProtec™ Textile Protection Covers

  • We can stitch in different colours to help customers organise their textiles. Please add a note when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  Please note for custom made items, there is currently a 1 week lead-time.