This superb extra large bumper pack of 100% natural botanical and plant dyes have been carefully selected to give natural dyers the opportunity to try a range of dyes, mordants and dye assists.  This pack includes an optional (please select the option with the book included when purchasing) brand new copy of the well known book "How to make and use Wild Colour by Jenny Dean which provides an excellent resource for using natural dyes, including types of mordants and assists, and general guidance on the art of natural dyeing.  This resource is particularly useful for those trying natural dyeing for the first time.


This dye pack would make a fantastic present or gift for anyone interested in natural dyeing.


This bumper natural dye pack includes 25 packs of dyes and tannins (each weighing 50g) including:

(Please note if you wish to select 25 dyes of your own choice, please message us and we can do this for you!)


Java Plum



Night Flowering Jasmine



Quebracho Red

Onion Peel

Annatto Orange

Himalayan Rhubarb


Flame of the Forest

Madder Root Extract

Alkanet (cuttack silver)

Acacia Bark extract

Pomegranate extract

Black Walnut Powder

Areca Nut

Marigold (sunny yellow)


Red Sandal Wood


Cutch Extract




It also contains 100g Soda Ash, 50g ALUM, 50g Symplocos (natural ALUM), 50g Aluminium Acetate, 25g calcium carbonate, 25g Iron Sulphate, 25g Copper Sulphate.


We will also send you an electronic pdf copy of the Wonky Weaver Beginners Guide to Natural Dyes worth £3.50.


All our dyes are of high quality, eco-friendly and degradable and from ethical sources.

X-Large kit of 25 Natural Botanical Dyes & Mordants