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Dealing with Brexit

With Brexit and the new arrangements in the EU, we are very prepared to both support and help our customers navigate through this. There are some simple things to consider:

  1. For customers in the UK - all our prices include UK VAT at 20%. Nothing we can is what it is :-)

  2. For customers in the EU - all our prices include the UK VAT amount of 20%. However please contact us through our "contact us" page or chat before placing direct orders so we can help manage VAT, and potential import fees. If you directly order through our website you may end up paying both the UK added VAT, plus your local national VAT amount, import duty and administrative fees by the courier. For orders over £100, we have a solution to deal with this, so please make contact before making an order through our website. Our apologies but for low value orders, any import duties, VAT or fees are the responsibility of the purchaser as we do not have the resources to manage this for every order. Please consider this before placing an order through the website.

  3. For customers outside the EU/UK, continue as normal as we cannot make special arrangements for managing duty and fees. However, if you are intending on purchasing new looms for international delivery, please make contact so we can discuss all the courier, duties and logistical arrangements.

This does not affect or impact our discussions or agreements on part-exchanges for looms or weaving accessories from customers anywhere globally.

We wholeheartedly support our customers, and wish everyone the very best for 2021, and thank you so much for your continued support.

Kindest regards

The Wonky Weaver Team

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