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Lojan wheels and looms 560x300 20cm[44].jpg

We are delighted to be one of the first new dealers in the UK introducing the fabulous Lojan wheels and looms designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.  Lojan are a new generation of innovative, sustainable and accessible spinning wheels, looms and fibrecraft products designed by Jan Louet and his daughter Loes.  The first product to be launched is the Buddy Spinning Wheel which will be delivering from March 2024, and will be available in Double Treadle,  Wide Single treadle, and Travel Buddy options. The Buddy Wheel uses Lojan's new Dutch Tension system which is bobbin-led, and due to the unique design of the flyer, the system has a light pull making it perfectly suitable for both thin and thick yarns.  The Buddy is supplied with 4 bobbins each able to hold 200g of yarn, a stand alone lazy kate and a flyer with ratios from 1:4 to 1:18.  The Travel Buddy version includes a backpack.  The Lojan Buddy Wheels are all available now to pre-order ready for delivery in April 2024.


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