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Autumn colours from Harrisville Designs wool Yarn cones.

We are proud stockists based here in Wales, UK of the range of yarns, looms and the Friendly Loom line of products from Harrisville Designs. Harrisville, New Hampshire, USA has a long history of spinning woollen yarn, and a water powered, brick mill has been there since 1794. In 1977, Harrisville was designated a National Historic landmark.

Harrisville Designs started spinning 100% Virgin Wool over 40 years ago, and is one of only a few woollen mills left in America, and continues to make high quality, natural 100% wool yarns for knitting and weaving along with beautiful carded fleece for felting and spinning. We must also not forget the high quality floor looms made from hard maple wood also from Harrisville. These are wonderfully hand crafted in Harrisville's wood working shop. The Friendly Loom products are also wonderfully crafted and packaged at Harrisville and include weaving, knitting, felting, metal looms and cotton loops for weaving potholders.

With the autumn fall upon us in the UK, and in many other parts of the world, we are showcasing some of the wonderful warm autumnal colours from Harrisville's Shetland wool range. In the photo below, the colours are (from left to right): russet, melon, goldenrod, foliage, mustard & topaz. A truly warm and colourful combo!

The Shetland wool is one of Harrisville's core range of yarns, being 100% virgin wool, it is the real workhorse of yams with a rich wonderful lustre, perfect for weaving and knitting, and is available in 64 colours. The Shetland is spun more tightly on the spinning frames (higher turns per inch) than the alternative Highland variant, so it is highly durable and will wear better and better over time. Each cone is supplied as 0.5lb (approx 226g), 900yds and the sett is 10-12 e.p.i.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or click on our shop, and select the wool yarns page to see all the available colours in both the Harrisville Shetland, and Highland yarn ranges.

We are happy to ship all over Europe, and further afield.

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