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AVL Home Loom - Unique Side Tie Up

If you want a beautifully designed floor loom built out of American Ash, with a unique side tie up system then look no further than the AVL Home Loom.

Made in Chico, California, the AVL Home Loom is a classic 8 harness, 10 treadle floor loom originally designed by Jim Ahrens in 1949. Simple and elegant, its unique side-tie up system sets this loom apart from others in its class as there's no need to crawl under the loom to tie up harnesses.

The Home Loom is a rising shed loom that uses a system of harness springs and spring levers to create a shed. Unlike jack looms with heavy harnesses, the AVL spring lever system uses lightweight harness frames. Therefore treadling is light and easy even with sticky yarns and high tension. The Home loom is available in three weaving width options including 24", 40" and 48" and a choice of either metal or Texsolv heddles.

Other separate options and accessories available for the Home loom include:

  • Single-Box Flyshuttle Beater, with AVL End Feed Flyshuttle and Pirns

  • 1/2-Yard Sectional Beam.

  • Storage Shelf.

  • Second Beam system with Plain Beam.

  • Automatic Warp Tensioning System.

  • Weaving Bench

  • Warping Wheel for sectional warping.

Also, with its folding frame and low profile, the AVL Home Loom won't take up much space in your home, studio or classroom.

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