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AVL launches Little Weaver 2 - open to pre-order now

We are happy to announce that AVL has launched the Little Weaver 2.

This fabulous little beauty is a fully-integrated, computer-controlled table loom with up to 24 harnesses and weaves a full 16 inch width and folds right up without losing your warp for easy pick-up-and-go portability.

The shed automatically changes, opens and closes with the back and forth movement of the beater - no more levers and no more need for a third hand. Truly a two-handed operation; one hand for the beater and the other for the shuttle.

The 2nd generation Little Weaver is much improved with a long list of upgrades, including:

  • Broader capacity for yarn size, density and patterning - With its K-Series derived countermarch dobby, this dynamo can handle a wider array of projects from your standard dense twills and tabbys to unbalanced weaves.

  • Compu-Dobby® 5 electronics - This latest and by far greatest Compu-Dobby system runs on nearly any operating system, is super easy to use, can store a huge amount of weaving files, and provides the most advanced computerized dobby diagnostics available today.

  • Bigger shed - The increased size is easier to fit end feed shuttles.

  • Adjustable warp tension - Opens up the project capabilities even more.

  • Easy to use handles - for cloth advance and brake adjustment

  • Better, lighter beater action - Beater feel is much improved with a center linkage and hands-free stoping positions at both shed open and shed closed.

Please note that shipping from AVL will begin in January 2024, however feel free to email us for a quote to order now -

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