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Celebrating Louet's 50th Birthday - free gifts & offers throughout the rest of 2024

Here at Wonky Weaver we have been using Louet products ourselves for many years, and with their innovative products, high quality finish and excellent support, we are delighted to be one of the main dealers here in the UK (based in Wales) for Louet's weaving, spinning, carding and fibrecrafts tools.

This coming November 2024, Louët will officially turn 50 years old and to celebrate, Louet will be offering free gifts and brilliant offers to all our customers starting this May bank holiday weekend starting immediately and lasting right through to the 1st December 2024, covering all of Louet's weaving, spinning and carding product ranges. Please do send us a message or give us a call if all the offers are not visible on our website as it sometimes takes some time to get such offers fully listed (; Please note these offers and gifts are not applicable to pending orders made prior to Friday 3rd May 2024.

Celebratory gifts and offers are as follows:


  • If you purchase (or order with us) any Louet drum carder (junior, standard XL or electric) you will receive a free set of single row mini combs (perfect for combing fibre).

Spinning Wheels:

  • If you purchase (or order) a Louet S10 or Louet Victoria Spinning wheel, you will receive a set of hand cards absolutely free.

Weaving Accessories:

  • If you purchase (or order) a new Louet Warping Mill, bobbin rack, warp tension regulator you will receive a free Flying Dutchman Shuttle.

Weaving Table Looms:

  • If you purchase (or order) any Louet Jane Table Loom, you will receive a free Flying Dutchman Shuttle.

Weaving Floor Looms

  • If you purchase (or order) any Louet David, Spring, Delta or Megado Loom, you will receive a free loom bench (appropriate for the loom purchased).

Electronic Dobby (Magic/Octado)

There is a 25% discount on any orders of a new Magic/Octado with an electronic dobby (please note this is not applicable to mechanical dobby variants).

Electronic Dobby Upgrades (Megado)

For customers wishing to upgrade the electronic dobby on their megado, there is 10% discount on the purchase of a new dobby).

If you wish to discuss any of these offers, please contact us through our messaging function, call us or email

Please also remember we also offer "LoominEasy" which is our full loom assembly and delivery service.

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