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"Ewe Love to Card" - get those Drum Carders Rolling

Hello to a sunny bank holiday weekend - finally the sun is shining!

As we move towards shearing season, and gearing up for a plentiful stash of wool, here at Wonky Weaver we have stocked up on the fabulous Drum carders from BrotherDrumCarder. With a range of sizes in baby right through to extra-wide there is a carding option for you - and don't forget these drum carders are available with motorized versions also - particularly great if you are processing a lot of fibre. We also stock interchangable drums so if you want to change from coarser to finer fibres we have you covered. Through May we will be offering free delivery, and some offers on stocked items so please enquire if you are interested to purchase.

Louet are also offering a celebratory free gift of hand cards for any of their drum carders ordered or purchased from now until 1st December 2024, so keep that in mind too.

If you would like any further information on any of the carding products we stock, just give us a call, send a message through the chat on our website or email us and we do our best to help.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend,

Best wishes, Haydn, Chris & the Wonky Weaver team

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