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Get Creative & Crafty with Friendly Loom from Harrisville Designs

We are delighted to introduce the Friendly Loom range of US-made crafting products from Harrisville Designs.  These products are beautifully designed to provide children, teenagers, and beginners fun, challenging and educational experiences such to encourage the development of self-esteem, self-confidence and most-importantly hands-on crafting learning experiences. The friendly loom range offers kits & accessories for tapestry weaving, rigid heddle loom weaving, crochet, knitting, rug hooking, latch hooking, needlepoint & felting amongst others.  The products make superb gifts, and all kit boxes are recyclable. All products listed in our shop are currently in stock and will be shipped within 1 working day.

As weavers, we are a real big fan of the Easy Weaver Rigid Heddle Loom. The reason, is that it comes in a wonderful box right out of the toy shop, but inside is a well-built table top loom, constructed by Harrisville Designs in lovely hard wood maple. It is already warped in a delectable rainbow striped warp thread, and with all the yarn and stick shuttles included, you are all ready to pull it out of the box and start weaving immediately. There is a fab book of project ideas thrown in for free, and the Easy Weaver refill kits are also available to purchase for the next Rigid Heddle Weaving project.

For those of you who are hugely creative with tapestries, we stock the absolutely adorable and robust, Harrisville Designs tapestry looms made from the best quality hard-wood maple. These are not for your lap! These looms really are sturdy, but stunning pieces of furniture in their own right. Take a look now! They come in two sizes - 24" and 48" and to get you started, the full loom starter packages are available for your convenience. Quite honestly you won't get better than these tapestry looms - we promise!!

Now to move to the simpler things in life. We are truly passionate about the kits for children, beginners, and those who simply want to learn new skills in crafting. The Felted Farm Animal kit is a real simple starter, helping children get creative, and use their hands to create something colourful, amiable and satisfying, and most importantly create little animals that we can all can relate to - a real triumph to start out in the crafting world! Also available are the adorable kits for trying out latch hooking, lap loom weaving, rug hooking, peg loom weaving, needlepoint, crochet and even knitting a scarf are simply wonderful!

We truly believe this range of very high-quality American made products will make the best educational and rewarding gifts and treats for the holiday season, or for that special gifting occasion.

We also believe that these products are truly unisex, and both boys, girls, and adults should and will enjoy them equally!!

Creativity and learning should have no limits!!

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