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Harrisville Designs Looms & Yarns - in the UK now!

Here at Wonky Weaver we are very passionate about Weaving, Looms, Yarns and Dye products. We are based at Llwyncelyn in the heart of West Wales, and in the lovely drover's town of Llandovery in Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom. Llandovery is right on the westerly edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, and is also where Prince Charles and Camilla's (Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall) Welsh country residence is located (at Llwynywermod).

We are really delighted to partner with Harrisville Designs, based in Harrisville, NH, USA to bring their lovely, high-quality hardwood maple floor looms to the UK and rest of Europe. Our aim is stock these looms in our UK warehouse so customers in the UK and across Europe can easily view, purchase efficiently and have their shiny new loom delivered free of charge by courier in a matter of days. We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers, and will fully guide and support all of our customers along their weaving journey (whether beginners or advanced weavers).

Why a Harrisville loom you might ask? Harrisville looms are designed with over 50 years of knowledge and experience, and from beautiful maple hardwood, so are built to last. Unlike the texsolv heddle system, Harrisville looms feature an innovative tie-up system, using “snap chains” instead of cords and knots, or wires that fall out. The tie-up is quick, simple and secure for any treadle to harness combination. The looms are designed with a friction brake for excellent tension control and an adjustable beater to accommodate reeds of different heights and widths. The suspended harnesses make the jack-action light, quiet, smooth and rhythmical - the way it should be! 

Furthermore, if space is a premium or you need to transport the loom, they can be easily folded while fully warped, leaving the tie-up intact.   This makes these looms truly easy to transport, accommodate in small spaces, or be tucked away when needed. Last but not least, all Harrisville looms have wheels allowing for easy maneuverability.

We believe the Harrisville looms remains to be one of the best value looms on the market today and with outstanding quality, hard maple design and foldable, makes it truly a wonderful loom when compared to others on the market.

The looms are delivered flat packed, however Wonky Weaver offers a full personal delivery, and assembly service if our customers require it. We also offer a Best Buy discretionary discount for new loom customers on the complete Harrisville loom studio package, and we include some lovely Harrisville wool yarns as part of the starter package to get you weaving new projects on your newly purchased loom as quickly as possible. We also stock all the weaving goodies including Harrisville loom accessories, weaving accessories, bobbins, hooks etc - everything you need for weaving!

We are also very pleased to stock the superb Harrisville Designs Shetland and Highland Wool Yarns in a whole range of colours. These beautiful yarns are suitable for a whole array of weaving projects, and when washed make for a lovely soft and warm wool finish.

We invite all our guests to visit and explore our website, and all remains to say is:

"Happy Weaving" from all of us at Wonky Weaver!


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