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Harrisville Designs Rug Loom

The Harrisville Designs Rug loom is a truly beautiful loom, hand built at Harrisville Designs workshop in New Hampshire, USA. The reputation of this loom has grown over many years since the design collaboration with Peter Collingwood (1922-2008 -

Peter was recognized as the world’s most renowned rug weaver of the past 50 years and his technical and aesthetic innovations have been appreciated around the world, most notably in his Macrogauze wall-hangings, in which his traditional skill and visual abstraction work in perfect harmony. Peter was a master craftsman and authored several books on weaving, and generous spirit and work as a weaving teacher had a profound and lasting impact on generations of students, and in the design of the Harrisville Designs Rug Loom.

Peter was also an innovative weaver, and a major authority on weaving techniques, fabulous writer and teacher and the inventor of “Shaft-Switching” which is a development and option on the Harrisville Rug Weaver loom today.

Peter was a real influence in weaving and is biography is covered on.

At Wonky Weaver, as weavers ourselves, we work hard to support you, our customers on your weaving journey whether it be a beginner, professional, specialist or technical weaver, we are here for you at every step of the way.

As the UK/European dealer of Harrisville Designs Looms (, please do not hesitate to call, email, ping, or visit us to discuss your interests or requirements further (without obligation).

Best wishes,

The Wonky Weaver Team

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