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Loom Build and Delivery - new Service for 2023

Firstly Happy New Year and best wishes for 2023.

Over the past year we have had many of our customers asking whether we offer a "Loom Build and Delivery" Service. As weavers ourselves, we have always been totally committed to not just shipping loom kit boxes, and have always offered full ongoing technical assistance and support, help with set-up and advice on weaving. We have also used all the products we sell so can provide hints and tips when using the products, and we will always ensure that you select the right loom to suit your own very needs and requirements. We also aim to keep stocks of as many looms as possible so you are not waiting too long for your new loom (though sadly this is often out of our hands, and some products have to be ordered as we cannot stock everything :-)

So to answer the question, in 2023 we will be offering a full Loom Build and Delivery service available to customers purchasing a loom with us anywhere in the United Kingdom. Please note that unfortunately this is not a free service because it takes several hours to build and test a new loom, and of course our van needs to be fed with diesel too.

The advantages of using our Loom Build and Delivery Service with Wonky Weaver are as follows:

  • Your new loom will be built by one of our experienced weaving loom technicians.

  • Your loom will be fully checked, tested and any issues corrected prior to delivery.

  • Your new loom will be delivered fully assembled to your door, so you can focus straight away on weaving rather than loom building.

  • On delivery we will provide a full overview of your loom, and instructions on how to use it straight away.

  • We will provide full, ongoing technical advice and assistance for the lifetime of your loom (this is true for all customers irrespective of whether you use the Loom Build and Delivery Service.

Should you wish to receive more information about the looms we have available, obtain some advice on choosing the correct loom for you, and the Loom Build and Delivery Service, please email us at, or send us a message through our chat on the website - we look forward to hearing from you.

The Wonky Weaver Team

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