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Mimosa hostilis Root Bark - perfect for purples

The Mimosa hostilis (Tepezcohuite) root bark (MHRB) is harvested by a community of indigenous farmers from the mountains up San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico) region where it grows naturally. It is a legally certified product. The farmers that harvest the Mimosa employ traditional production methods and do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The bark is exclusively harvested from the inner root in a sustainable way which does not endanger the tree. Mimosa hostilis is harvested and fully replanted to ensure a sustainable and ecologically friendly production process.

The root bark and the powder can be used as natural medicine, the main ingredient in cosmetic products, and even has immense value as a dye, as it produces excellent shades of purples and browns. Its pigments are vibrant, which makes it a superb textile dye that provides long-lasting and consistent results. Depending on the dye itself, the amount you use, and the method of dyeing – using Mimosa hostilis root bark powder can give you different shades from light reds to rich purples, and everything in between. The product is 100% pure, which means that it is not mixed with plant material obtained from other parts of the tree and no chemical additives are added either.

Using plant dyes is very enjoyable and satisfying but does require some degree of experimentation to get the desired coloration of your fibres, yarns and fabrics. Results also depend on the type, weight and make-up of the fibre, and water quality, temperature and length of time in the dye bath amongst many other factors. The type of mordants, dye assists and modifiers will also affect the resultant colour of your dyed materials.

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