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New Wholesome Natural Dyestuffs from Wonky Weaver

Amongst several new products we are introducing this Autumn, we have listened to you and are pleased to be launching a range of natural dyestuffs to complement the range of natural dye plant powders and extracts already in the portfolio. We have created a new tab on our website under natural dyes called "Natural Dyestuff". The natural dyestuffs, are either whole, cut, or ground which means they can be easily removed/sieved out of your dye bath relatively easily, however you will need to use a bit more than with powders and extracts. The new dyestuff range now consists of Logwood, Cut madder root, Mimosa hostilis (chopped and whole bark), Onion peel (chopped), Barberry Bark, Chamomile flower, Cochineal, Marigold Flower (chopped), Night Flowering Jasmine Flower (chopped), Eucalyptus leaf cut, Goldenrod (chopped), Fustic Chips and Weld. Keep a look out for others as they become available on the site.

Thanks for taking the time to read the news, and we will release more blogs with details of other new products we will be releasing this year in all categories of weaving, carding, spinning, and general tools to keep you all happy crafting.

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