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The benefits of Natural Dyes - Colours to Dye for!

Here at Wonky Weaver, we are really pleased to offer our customers a range of plant-based botanical dyes. The interest and movement towards the use of natural botanical dyes in home-based crafts, textile and fibre dyeing, and even at an industrial scale is a result of the ever increasing environmental standards imposed globally. The awareness of the negative environmental impact, toxic and allergic reactions, and poor degradability of synthetic dyes has resulted in the upward trend for using natural dyes. Let's also not forget botanical and natural dyes have been in existence far longer than synthetic dyes anyway, so we are only re-kindling earlier natural dyeing processes, and utilising natural resources in our crafts today. The benefits of eco-friendliness, efficient biodegradability, sustainability and environmental compatibility definitely helps sway the recommended use of natural dyes. As well as textiles, fibres and yarns, natural dyes can be used to dye leather, stones, rope, string, buttons, paper, candles, soap and a whole range of crafted products - it's all about experimentation, having a go, and ultimately learning and having fun!! Many natural dyes (being plant based) are purported to have therapeutic medicinal properties, however we will leave the analysis on this to the experts in herbal remedies and the benefits thereof.

Most importantly try our natural dyes, enjoy and have fun!!

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