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Weavers X-Change

We are delighted to launch the "Weavers X-Change". We understand that customers may want to sell their existing looms, weaving accessories or spare items, and we are offering a service to purchase used and second hand weaving items. If you have floor looms, table or rigid heddle looms, weaving accessories, shuttles, carding equipment, spinning wheels, or even spare yarns (in good condition), then please contact us and send through the details for a full valuation. All items are valued and given a fair price, based on an evaluation of condition, market desirability, and potential sell-on value.

We offer two options for our customers at the Weavers X-Change as follows:

  1. Weavers X-Change Full Purchase - for this option we review condition, desirability and potential sell-on value of the items you have available, and we will always offer customers the best price possible. With this option, we fully purchase items from you and then sell-on either through the Weavers X-Change page on our website or other outlet of our own choosing. (this option is usually for higher value items, floor looms, & weaving accessories etc)

  2. Weavers X-Change Listing - for this option we list the item on our website and promote through outlets of our choosing. When the item sells we take a commission on the sale, and the remainder is paid back to you less any applicable taxes, VAT etc. (this option is usually for smaller items, table looms, yarns, and weaving accessories etc).

We offer the two options for our customers to ensure that whatever you wish to X-change and trade, there is an option available to ensure you get the best value and price possible when you decide to sell onwards. We also want to ensure that quality second hand weaving items are offered directly to the weaving community.

We are always flexible, open to negotiation, so please do not hesitate to contact us about all possible options.

Please note all discussions and negotiations are without obligation from either party.

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