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Textile Industry

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Louët weaving looms beautifully crafted in the Netherlands & stocked in the UK - Louët  offers a wide range of table & floor looms

Louët looms offer a full range of weaving looms suitable for beginners through to advanced weavers.  Whether you would like to begin with a table loom such as the Louët Erica loom (2 or 4 shafts), the Louët Jane with 8 shafts and offered in three widths, the Louët Jane 40, Louët Jane 50 and Louët Jane 50.  For those of you that would like to work with more advanced weaving, then the new Louët David III would suit your needs.  The highly popular Louët Spring II  offers a floor loom option for more complex weaving projects including weaving blankets and rugs.

Louët products are known worldwide for their excellence in quality, design and workmanship. Here at Wonky Weaver in Wales, United Kingdom we are delighted to stock and supply Louët weaving looms, and Louët weaving accessories.  Visit wonky weaver for all your questions and enquiries regarding Louët weaving looms and products - we are here for you and happy to help discuss your weaving needs.

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