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Naturally Blue  
Indigo Dye Products & Accessories

Our naturally blue range includes high-quality natural indigo, dye kits, indigo vat reagents, accessories, & naturally hand-dyed yarns & garments.

From our store here in Wales, UK, we stock the finest natural and organic indigo dye powder with naturally high levels of indigotin (the blue pigment that colours indigo).  We also supply the finest indigo dye cakes, Japanese indigo Aoi Umi, and a range of indigo dye kits, and indigo vat reagents.  All of our indigo products are supplied with instructions to get you started on your indigo dyeing journey.  Dyeing with indigo is great fun, and the results are superb providing a high level of achievement and satisfaction when seeing the results.  

We supply both a traditional indigo dyeing kit containing indigo, and thiourea dioxide (thiox), and soda ash, however for those who wish to try a more eco-friendly version, we supply indigo dye kits to set up "fruit" vats and these kits contain either fructose or henna and calcium hydroxide following the well-known 1-2-3 indigo dyeing method.

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