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Choosing a new table hand weaving loom this Christmas

As we approach the Christmas period, we have several new looms in stock which you can order for next working day shipment by tracked courier. For customers based in the UK, we also offer Loomin Easy which is our dedicated loom assembly and delivery service (don't worry we have quite successfully managed to get looms through the tighest of doorways, around corners and up spiral staircases (our lovely loom recipients know who they are). So far in 2023 we have delivered near in Wales and far and wide including the Midlands, East Anglia, London, Scotland and Cornwall. We are on the road with a couple more deliveries later in November and early December. An assembly service gives you piece of mind to ensure the loom is perfect on receipt, any factory errors are dealt with, the loom is levelled, and if it is a dobby it is programmed and functioning as it should do!!

As we always promise, our technical service and ongoing support is guaranteed - we don't just ship boxes and leave you to it. Even if you only want boxes, we will still support you wholeheartedly. We are weavers, have used all the equipment (including the complex dobby looms), so rest-assured we are there for you!! Our weaver's specialism is complext multi-shaft weaving so you cannot come to a better place!

So what do we have available in stock right now....

The Glimakra Emilia Rigid Heddle Table Loom Package

If you are starting out, and want to do simple Rigid Heddle loom weaving, we have a complete starter package with the Emilia looms (35 and 50cm) from Glimakra. The advantage with these looms is they are not just simple but you get everything needed in the package to get going from the outset. The package includes, the loom, a floorstand, good quality canvas carry bag, 3 different size reeds, second reed holder, a warping peg, threading hook and shuttles.....these are fantastic deals if you want to get going without giving it too much additional thinking. We have the Glimakra Emilia in stock now.

The Louet Erica 4 Shaft Table Loom

If you are a beginner or weaver wanting to progress to mult-shaft weaving, the Louet Erica are amazing table looms. The Erica is available in 30cm and 50cm weaving widths and are excellent looms. There are many accessories available for separate purchase including a floor stand, carry bag, and starter accessory kit. We have the Louet Erica in stock now

The Louet Jane 8 and 16 Shaft Table Loom

if you want to go for one of the best table looms on the market, and are progressing into multi-shaft weaving then the Louet Jane has to be your choice with 8 shafts. The Jane is available in 3 widths - 40cm, 50cm and 70cm, so choice depends on what you routinely weave. The latest release from Louet arriving with us in January is the 16-shaft version of the Jane which will be available in 50cm and 70cm weaving widths. There are accessories available for separate purchase including a floor stand and second warp beam set-up. We have the Louet Jane 8 shaft 50cm and 70cm, and have the 16 shaft versions arriving with us in January 2024 - please reserve one now.

The AVL Little Weaver 2 bobby table loom

If you want a fully integrated, computer-controlled dobby table loom, with up to 24 shafts, then the Little Weaver is the best on the market. The Little Weaver 2 has a 16" weaving width, and folds right up without losing the warp for easy pick-up and go portability. The Little Weaver 2 is available in 2024, and available for pre-order now!

If you need any support, help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - either visit our website or email us

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