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Christmas Holiday NEWSLETTER

The first and most important thing to say is 2023 was a great year and we are truly thankful to our lovely customers, suppliers, show organisers and our own team here at Wonky Weaver in Llandovery, Wales for supporting us wholeheartedly.  We have been listening to and guided by customer’s needs and requirements, suggestions and feedback and we have appreciated every one of them.  We are not Amazon, but we have certainly worked hard to keep products moving, waiting times as short as possible and delivery fast and efficient. We are also proud to be the only company in the UK that offers customers the assembly and delivery option of “Loomin Easy”which facilitates the delivery of built looms anywhere in the UK – we have been all over the UK including as far North as Edinburgh, and as far South as Camborne in Cornwall. This service ensures your loom is built, checked and tested, and any issues resolved prior to receiving your new loom. Furthermore we will navigate you through the loom in person, and will always be there for continued technical and weaving support (this is true whether you take up Loomin Easy or not). We don't just ship boxes and leave you to it...


As we look forward to nestling down for a relaxing Christmas/holiday break, we plan to keep our crafting elves busy at Wonky Weaver and will be available for any enquiries and processing orders throughout the entire period (subject to postage schedules).  Where we can we ship everything either 25/48 hour tracked delivery or by courier (for larger items).  We also have a lot of exciting new things coming in 2024, so keep any eye out in January!


We really want you to put your feet up and relax over the holiday period, but also stay tuned to some of the new and brilliant products we have coming in 2024.    Also don’t forget, we will attend as many wool and fibrecrafts shows as we can across the whole of the UK in 2024 so you will be able to touch and feel many of the products we stock.   These shows include Spring into Wool (Leeds), Wonderwool Wales, Buxton Wool Gathering, to name a few…..


We really do believe next year in 2024 will be tremendously exciting for our Fibrecrafts customers in the UK so here goes….



Weaving  - NEW in 2024


Advanced Weaving Loom Supplier in the UK


We work hard to support all weavers from beginner right through to advanced weaving, and with the ongoing support from AVL in the USA and Louët in the Netherlands, we are building up a strong following of advanced/complex weavers in the UK and globally.  Building on our own interests as complex weavers and using the range of AVL electronic/mechanical multi-shaft looms, and the Louët Megado Loom, we are now the UK’s leading dealer of advanced and complex handweaving products in the UK.  Please come and speak to us, as we have all the Dobby looms available for demonstration at our fibrecrafts emporium in Wales, UK.  You are welcome to view and try them at any time!  We realise these are very big investments and we will support you at every step of the way such to help you realise your weaving dream.  Also, if you wish to have 1 to 1 weaving tuition then please contact us to get that booked – this is currently £70 per day.





Louët Jane 16-Shaft Loom (50cm and 70cm options)


We are really delighted to work with Louët on launching the 16-shaft Jane table loom in both 50cm and 70cm weaving widths – this is a fabulous addition for anyone wanting to explore multi-shaft and complex weaving patterns, and we are here to help.  If you are a Jane owner and already have the stand, this can still be used with the 16-shaft loom too.  If you want to be one of the first weaving on the Jane 16-shaft loom, then shout now – don’t hold back as we have several on pre-order with Louët, and of course will be placing more orders as these looms roll out early in 2024.


Dreaming Robots – Cone Winder


Working with Maurice at Dreaming Robots is really a DREAM.  We are ever thankful for the innovation, support, and absolute delight of partnering with Maurice to bring his truly innovative products to the UK market  To add to the revolutionary EEW 6.0, Nano 2, and EEW Yarn Counter, we now have the EEW Cone Winder coming into the UK in early January, and we couldn’t be more excited.  This wonderful product will help all fibre artists and crafters turn their skeins, balls, and whatever else into beautiful cones.  As a weaving yarn producer ourselves, this device couldn’t arrive sooner, that’s why we ordered two through the kickstarter, but will soon have pallet loads so will have plenty to go around.  You can pre-order now with delivery expected by mid-January 2024. We will be 3D printing and offering a cone adaptor to use with your EEW Cone Winder to enable you to use it with other cardboard cones so keep a look out for this. The EEW 6 is being upgraded and the new 6.1 version is expected in Spring 2024.


Schacht Spindle – Weaving and Spindle


Starting in 2024, we are really over the moon to become a Schacht dealer in the UK.  We have used many of the Schacht products in our own weaving workshops for many years and own the fabulous Cherry Wood Matchless Spinning Wheel so we have to go for a spin by stocking here in the UK!  Who doesn’t love a Baby Wolf anyway.  Keep a look out here and follow us as things progress.  We always endeavour to stock as many products as we can here in the UK for immediate dispatch for our customers and to keep prices as efficient as possible.   Following the Schacht mantra “We are known for our quality, and this is uppermost in our minds every step of the way. We stress that everything matters, whether it is drilling a hole, packing a loom, or entering an order. We know that our attention to detail matters to the weaver or spinner who depends on us to do the best job possible”.  Here at Wonky Weaver, we abide by this mantra also.  You can pre-order any of Schacht products now for delivery in early 2024.



Lojan Wheels and Looms


Well, what can we say! We couldn’t be more excited to embark on the journey with Lojan from the Netherlands with their new generation of Buddy spinning wheels and weaving looms.  These are designed by Jan Louët  and his daughter Loes, and with their innovation,  accessibility and simplicity we are extremely happy to support the products here in the UK.  They are beautiful spinning wheels with three options comprising the single wide treadle, double treadle, and travel buddy option which comes complete with a backpack bundled in.  These will be a real highlight at the wool and fibre shows in 2024. The first 300 in production will be personally signed by Jan, so enquire now if you want to grab one of these!

 The Welsh Fibre Company

The Welsh Fibre Company has sprung from Chris's interest in sheep, and wool fibres, and the fact he grew up on a farm in Cornwall. In 2023 we have worked through almost 200kg of Welsh Wool fleeces to be able to create something truly special for 2024 and beyond. All products are tracked fully to local Welsh farms and given a unique batch identifier. The plan is to launch limited editions of Welsh wool weaving yarns and a small colour range which will be naturally dyed. A small selection of finely woven garments will also be produced to profile the amazing characteristics of Welsh wool, and its usefulness in delivering sustainable apparel. If you are interested to learn more about the Welsh Fibre Company then visit the website

New Fibre Winding Tools – Full of Twists and Turns


Let your head twist and turn, as we now have a full range of winding gadgets to help with your fibre processing – so much so we have dedicated a whole page to this process… if you want a skein to ball, ball to skein, skein to cone, ball to cone, cone to skein or whatever else, this new page on our website has all the gadgets you need including some made with exotic woods. We also have a selction of yarn bowls carefully crafted from exotic woods, and these are available on our website, and will be at all our shows in 2024.

Here’s to a joyous & wonderful Christmas holiday season, and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2024.


With best wishes,


Chris, Haydn and the Wonky Weaver Team


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