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Some news and weaving stocks for Christmas

Hello to our wonderful customers, and greetings from Wales

As we move towards the chillier days, we are all planning a well-earned rest, pulling out the jumpers, and keeping our toes toasty by the fire....and of course nurturing our creativity during the dark, cold evenings...

We thought we would let you know about a few new things in the pipeline. We are very pleased to strengthen our Louet dealership in the UK, and plan to drive forward the plan to be the UK's lead supplier of advanced, Dobby and multi-shaft looms. We are therefore planning to hold a Louet megado demonstration loom so customers in the UK (and further afield) can come and take a look - this should be with us early in 2024. We have also pre-ordered some of the Louet Jane 16-shaft looms which should also be with us early in 2024, and we will ship these out to customers as soon as we get them. In terms of Louët looms we currently hold stocks of Spring, David, Jane and Erica, so take a look in our website store to check this out.

From Harrisville Designs, we still have good stocks of the 22" and 36" maple floor looms (in both 4 and 8 shaft options). These are amazing looms, great quality and superb value for anyone wishing to get going with floor loom weaving. The little potholder looms have also been extremely popular over the past few weeks as we gear up for gift buying leading up to Christmas.

From AVL, we have a cargo container now on the high-seas coming all the way from California. This contains some more side-tie up AVL Home Looms which will join out stocks of the small X-frame Workshop Dobby Loom (these are 24"; 24 shaft).

We are also pleased to be part of the Lojan family bringing their new simple, innovative and beautiful Buddy spinning wheels all the way from the Netherlands. These will be available from March onwards but you can order now!

We know everyone is after the Cone Winder from Dreaming robots, and again a pallet of these wonderful machines is sailing its way across the Atlantic as we speak, and these will be available in January. Everyone has run out of the EEW 6.0 Wheel, and with the planned upgrades and modifications, the new 6.1 model is due to be available in Spring 2024 - we will keep you posted!!

The last bit of great news as we move towards the end of 2023, and enter into 2024 is that we have decided to become a Schacht dealer in the UK. We believe this is strategically important because it firstly means Schacht will be represented in Wales, and at all the fibre shows that we attend across the UK, but most importantly, we plan on building stocks of all the products including looms, spinning wheels and other great Schacht products to make them available to customers within a day or so of ordering. We also own several Schacht products including a Matchless Spinning Wheel in Cherry wood so we look forward to showing this wonderful wheel off to customers across the UK in 2024. We have a dedicated set of pages on our website for Schacht products so if there is anything you would like shout now, as the order is going in before Christmas.

Do not forget we offer "Loomin Easy" which is our Loom Build and Delivery service available to customer purchasing looms here in the UK. Please contact us or email for more details (

Lastly, keep warm and cosy and stay creative

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