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Setting up an eco-friendly indigo vat - 1-2-3 - let's go!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There are many ways to set up an indigo dye vat, but here we introduce the original 1-2-3 method which was originally introduced by the botanist and chemist Michel Garcia.

Traditional indigo dye vat recipes include chemicals such as Thiox and soda ash and these work extremely well for standardised and effective dyeing results. However, we are fully aware that everyone has preferences and for some this is to follow a totally organic and eco-friendly recipe and method for natural dyeing.

We have therefore created a dye kit following the well established Organic indigo vat 1, 2, 3 method by Michel. This recipe combines our wonderful natural indigo powder with Calcium hydroxide (the alkaline base) and a choice between natural antioxidants such as henna, madder or fructose powder - please choose which one you want when selecting the product.

Please note for this method to work, it is essential to brew up the natural antioxidant syrup (using henna, madder or fructose) such that it is in a suitable state once added to the dye vat, to reduce oxygen effectively. Please always follow the instructions provided with the dye kit.

This organic and eco-friendly indigo dye kit offers everything needed to get going with indigo Vat dyeing. The kit includes:

1 x 50g Indigo Dye

1 x 100g Calcium Hyrdoxide (alkaline base)

1 x 200g Henna or Fructose (please choose which you prefer). Madder can also be used but this will increase the cost of your dye vat due to availability and price of madder powder.

1 x Instruction booklet for eco-friendly indigo vat 1-2-3 dyeing.

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