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Supplier of Weaving looms, Spinning wheels, Carders, Yarns, Natural dyes, indigo and more...
Specialists in Advanced Dobby & Multi-shaft Weaving Looms.

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Truly Welsh Wool & Handwoven Garments from Wales

The Finest

by Wonky Weaver

About Wonky Weaver

Wonky Weaver was founded by our passion for textiles and fabrics, alongside our research interests in the historical use of local materials , wool and natural dyes in Wales which led to a desire to learn and develop the art of weaving and dyeing and bring to life traditional  crafts in Wales.  With much hard work, we have evolved Wonky Weaver into importing and distributing fantastic products from all over the world, including AVL Looms, Harrisville Designs, Louet, Glimakra, Dreaming Robots and more recently the beautiful carding machines from Brother carders to supply the UK and European markets.


We have carefully selected the best products, yarns and materials with customised patterns to create fine hand made products here in Llandovery Wales.  Our own floor looms are our work horses and they are lovingly used to produce all the items available in our shop and at craft fairs.  We will also commission weave authentic Welsh designs and historical patterns on request for blankets, scarves, cushion covers, upholstery fabric, and many other possibilities,

We simply love colour.  We offer a full portfolio of synthetic and natural dyes, indigo, salts and mordants to combine with all your dyeing project needs. 


For Your Weaving, Spinning, Carding, Dyeing & Fibre Crafting Needs


 Wonky Weaver are here for our customers to support you on your journey into weaving, dyeing and crafting.  Begin your weaving journey by selecting from our range of floor looms, table looms and an array of weaving accessories. We are here to support you on this journey from loom selection through to Aftersales technical support.   Design your projects using one of the specially selected weaving yarns which are available  wool yarns, silk yarns, cotton yarns, and a range of organic and authentic blended yarns including banana yarns, and hemp yarns.   Wonky Weaver are based in Wales, UK and we are the main dealer for Harrisville Designs looms, Harrisville Designs weaving accessories, and the well renowned Harrisville Designs Shetland and Harrisville Designs Highland wool yarn cones.  This means that when possible, we can supply our stocked looms to you very quickly without a long wait


The stocked Louët looms includes the very popular Louët Spring II loom, the Louët David III loom, the Louët Jane table loom and also the wonderful little Louët Erica looms.

Wonky Weaver are delighted to also stock the technologically advanced weaving looms from AVL, including the side-tie up AVL Home Loom, the AVL A-loom, the advance K-Loom, and also the AVL workshop Dobby loom.  Please contact us for more information on the range of AVL weaving looms and weaving accessories.  

We are delighted to also now become a Schacht Spindle dealer in the UK and Wales and cannot wait to stock and showcase the amazing Schacht products in our shop in Llandovery and at wool shows across the UK.  The products range from the magnificent maple wood and cherry spinning wheels such as the Matchless, Ladybug spinning wheel, the Flatiron Spinning Wheel, and the Schacht sidekick folding wheel.  We will also stock the Schacht weaving looms including the Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom,  Schacht Wolf Pup, Schacht Baby Wolf, Schacht Might Wolf, and Schacht Standard weaving looms.

Its always a pleasure to work with Maurice at Dreaming Robots to bring the simple but innovative Electric EEW 6 spinning wheels, the Nano 2 Electric Wheels, the EEW yarn counter and the revolutionary EEW cone winder - these are really wonderful products.

For all your natural dyeing needs, we stock natural plant dye powders, natural plant dye kits,  reagents and mordants suitable for beginners and experienced dyers alike.  We stock madder, marigold, pomegranate, alkanet, alizarine, turmeric, onion, annatto orange, sandalwood, sappanwood, acacia bark, cutch, chlorophyllin, flame of the forest, java plum, Areca nut, gallant, symplocos amongst many other natural plant dyes.   We also have a range of natural indigo products including high-quality indigo powder, indigo dye cakes, indigo dye kits, and also we have developed an eco-friendly indigo dye kit option.


From our weaving workshop here in Wales, United Kingdom, we also weave a range of welsh blankets, scarves, fabrics, and will also weave commission items on request.  

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Please get in touch for more information about our products, to discuss possible collaborations, wholesale interest, trade accounts or for any media inquiries. We normally respond within a few hours.


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Wonky Weaver is a trading arm of Towy Owl Limited

Llwyncelyn, Llandovery, SA20 0EP

A Registered company in the UK - 08784346

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