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Natural Plant Dyes & Mordants

Learn all about natural plant dye powders and extracts.  Wonky Weaver products are tailored to meet all your natural dyeing needs with a full range of colours, mordants, reagents books, undyed yarns & scarves.  Natural dyes are perfect for dyeing fabrics and fibres, creating natural inks and printing pastes, and ideal for naturally colouring soap, cosmetics, paper, candles, wood, buttons, and many other items.

Wonky Weaver are delighted to offer our customers and dyers a wide range of natural plant dye products, dye powders, natural plant colours, mordants, dye assists, dye modifiers and dye reagents for all your natural dye project needs.  We stock and supply madder, marigold, indigo products, myrobalan, gallnut, henna, annatto orange, flame of the forest, eupatorium, turmeric, alkanet, acacia bark, areca nut, black walnut, cochineal, chlorophyllin, sandalwood, sappanwood, alizarine, java plum, cutch, onion amongst others.


We also stock and supply natural dye reagents such as thiourea dioxide (thiox), soda ash, calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, Iron sulphate, copper sulphate, ALUM, aluminium acetate, symplocos, fructose.

Our natural dye products can be used to natural colour fabrics and textiles, soaps, cosmetics, paper, leather, woods, and many items you wish to experiment with using natural plant dyes, and natural plant dye products.

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